Friday, January 26, 2007

I Am Officially at a Crossroads

Everything had been moving right along, pretty much in place, when the impossible happened yesterday.

My store manager announced his resignation.

My now-former boss had been in pretty bad health for at least the last six months. He saw a doctor back in December, and the tests officially came back about two weeks ago. He has high EVERYTHING. High cholesterol (sp?), high blood pressure, very high risk for a heart attack. On top of all of this, his grandmother just passed away. When he came to work yesterday, he called the district manager and told him that he would take the early retirement package. I came to work about 10:30 yesterday morning (I wasn't scheduled until noon, but I got called in), he pulled myself and all department heads upstairs, and he made the announcement.

I was in a total state of shock. I still haven't fully recovered from it. I wonder if he made the right decision. I wonder if he could have taken a leave of absence - maybe a month, maybe two months - to get it together.

All I know, right now, is that I will not have a day off for at least the next two weeks. So much for my New Years' Resolution.

I am putting my hat in for the Morrilton position. I will probably put my name in the hat for the store I am currently in. Hopefully, something will pan out from all of this.



Blogger Talmadge G. said...

What happened to you yesterday is, perhaps, among my biggest fears. I am second-in-command at my workplace, and have a truly harmonious relationship with my superior. Over the last 5-1/2 years, we've developed an enviable level of trust and comraderie. I like where I am, and like where he is.

The good thing is, my boss is - for the most part - in good health (he's 46). I don't see him leaving for whatever reason.

This team dynamic we've honed, I'm afraid, is something along the lines of Seraphim-grade. That is, were it to disappear, there'd be little chance in hell of that magic happening again.

But enough about me. As for the opportunity to take on your store's manager position, I have a couple of comments: First, that Kroger was the store where Mom shopped when we lived in Hot Springs (1982-85). It's still a clean store (I know YOU'D have it no other way) with very courteous employees (ditto). But it's beginning to show its age. It reminds me of some of the inner-rim, oldline Krogers one still sees here and there around Savannah.
And Kroger has been closing some (Garden City comes rapidly to mind).

I know you'll make a well-thought-out decision (here's hoping you're better at that sort of thing than Nettiemac or myself - PS to Nettie: I completely understand!). If you survey my gut, though, you'd find that it says "Morrillton or Newport sound promising."

We're thinking of you over here. Keep the faith.


11:07 AM  
Blogger nettiemac said...

I can completely relate, more than you can guess. I too am at a crossroads at work and still have no idea which way to go. I do have the blessed luxury of having a trial period to see if one option works -- and believe me, I am grateful for that.

So I will offer you my prayers -- nothing like being at a crossroads and the only solution is fall down on your knees....... (sorry, couldn't resist).

Gotcher back, pal.

11:42 AM  
Blogger nettiemac said...

Any updates, pal? Still keeping my fingers crossed and you in my prayers.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Talmadge G. said...

It appears you're still at the intersection, deciding which direction to move the turn signal lever. (that's the device mounted on the left side of your steering column. They're illegal in Savannah, y'know)

Any news from over there? We're still thinking of and praying for you.


12:49 AM  

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