Saturday, March 25, 2006

Where Did March Go?

Good question!

Well, let's see... Since my last post, things have been really busy. It seems that all I do is work! I am off today - as a matter of fact, I started my vacation yesterday. I am off for 12 days! I don't know where I will go, but I do know where I won't be at!

I also have been real restless. I haven't been able to sleep well at all. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have achieved closure with my ex-wife, and "What's the next step?" I think it is the excitement (and truth be told, fear) of being officially single again.

Believe it or not, I have spoken to my ex-wife quite a bit here lately. She has gotten remarried (no surprise). Still shows no remorse for her actions (no surprise). Told me I could keep the map on the wall (HUGE surprise!). She meets me at Kroger to get her stuff out of my SUV into her SUV. And yesterday, she and her sister came to the house to get all the big stuff that won't go in the SUV. My ex's sister gave me her husband's new e-mail address & wants me to send an e-mail. What for? I really think we have nothing to talk about. What would be said? I won't verbally bash my ex because I know that it will get back to her family.

Anyway, my ex and I had a 15-minute convo this past Wednesday. She told me that she and her sister was coming on Friday morning. I told her that I will have backup. She asked why. I told her that:
1. I don't trust you, and
2. After all that you put me through, do you actually think that I would believe a single word you say?
She said no. I also asked her if this guy was "the One". She just grinned & smiled and said yes. I said, "Hmm - I believe that about 12 years ago, you said those same exact words about... ME!" She said, "Well, yeah." I asked if her new husband was coming, & my ex said that he is scared to death to step foot on my property!

I have some words about that! The first and only word that comes to my mind is "chickenshit". If this guy was any kind of man at all, he would have been there with my ex. He would have accepted responsibility for his actions, but since he didn't do that with his son three years ago... Anyway, this man is no man, in my opinion. I would not have inflicted any harm on him. I would have given him two pieces of advice:
1. Take good care of those kids, and
2. I sure hope that you have been taking notes.

Seriously, for those of you that have been keeping tabs with my blog, couldn't you see this happening again? My ex loves no one but herself, and to think, she accused me of being selfish? Give me a break!!

As far as that cold, spineless, heartless, two-faced, backstabbing little bi#*h & her chickensh*t husband - the only thing left to say is: good luck to you both. I think they are perfect for each other. Both people obviously have no morals, both are in it for themselves, and both people obviously cannot accept responsibility for their actions. After my ex's actions of the last 18 months, I constantly think what did I ever see in her in the first place. Was I on drugs back in 1993? I must have been, because people on pure air don't make decisions like that! I feel most sorry for the kids. Having to live in a household where it is acceptable practice to lie & cheat to the ones you love. I am scared to death of those kids. I hope they turn out all right.

As for me, I am OK. I had visitors earlier this month in the form of Talmadge & Seraphim Gleck. The only bad thing about their visit is that I wish I had more time to spend with them. I had to work just about the whole time they were here. I really enjoyed their visit. The first night they were here, they and me and JLo (more about her in a future post) went to Rod's Pizza Cellar & watched "Walk the Line" on DVD (great movie, Reese Witherspoon deserved the best actress award). The second night we went to McClard's BBQ, & the third night, we went to JLo's house for dinner with her colorful family (as Tal puts it). A splendid time was had by all...

I thought that the Glecks would pay my ex a visit while they were here. They didn't, & it's just as well. I asked my ex if they paid her a visit, & she asked why would they pay her a visit. I said that the Glecks would probably put in their two cents as well. She said that our situation was none of their business.

Let me take this moment to mention how that last statement offended me. You know, friends are very hard to come by. Some are here today, gone tomorrow. Some you lose contact with. Some you have a severe falling out with. Talmadge and I do not always agree on everything. We have our differences. He has ways of doing things, & I have my way of doing things. Neither of them are wrong, neither of them are right. They are just... different. Having a friend who will support you is one thing. Having a friend who has stuck by your side for 20 years is a totally different thing. We may not always agree on everything, but when I'm down, he's down. When he's down, I'm down. We're like brothers, except that we picked each other. There is no blood relation between us. His totally fantastic wife, Seraphim, is the same way. Liking her because she is Tal's wife is one thing. Liking her because she is just a great caring person (and also Tal's wife) is, once again, a totally different thing. For my ex to say that our situation was none of their business was a slap in the face. Tal & Sera, as far as I'm concerned, ARE my family, and they can make it their business if they want to. My ex needs to realize that she does not want to tangle with either one of these people.

I bought a new guitar - an Ovation 6-string acoustic guitar. Get this - regular price: $1800. On sale at Guitar Center for $879. Plays and sounds awesome. Thank God for bonuses!!

Until next time, take care. A post on my vacation will follow shortly...